Naming Clara Anne.

This post is fitting for today since we are dedicating our sweet baby girl to the Lord in front of our church family this evening (4/29/18). I’m continuing last week’s post by giving you a deeper insight into our family. Last week I shared the meaning of Ella Jane’s name, so now I will do the same for Clara. Clara is our ray of sunshine whose smile lights up a room. She loves to be cuddled and she loves to talk. I’m convinced God chose her name, because her name couldn’t match her personality more perfectly.

Clara means “clear and bright”. As I already mentioned, she truly is a ray of sunshine who lights up a room. She has been smiling since birth. Her joy and love for those around her is contagious. Even at a young age, she knows how to make people feel loved by snuggling right up next to them. Her sweet and laid back disposition is a gift from God that makes her unique and radiant.

When choosing her name, I suggested Clara because I love the sweetly old-fashioned ring of it, and as a former ballerina I appreciated the nod to the ballet that holds so many memories for me. However, the more we prayed about it the more I felt like Clara should be her name for deeper reasons. The Lord told me I needed to begin praying Matthew 5:16 over our unborn baby.  “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” The more I prayed this verse the more I knew our sweet baby girl’s name would be Clara.

I continue to pray Matthew 5:16 over our sweet Clara. I watch expectantly to see how the Lord answers my prayers for Clara’s life. First and foremost, I pray that she will recognize God as her Father in heaven and enter into a personal saving relationship with him. Second, I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill her so that her light brings undeniable glory to her Savior.

Once Clara was decided on, we needed a middle name. Her sweet Daddy chose Anne. Anne means “grace”. Grace was the perfect meaning to pair with Clara. Together her name means “clear and bright grace”. We pray daily that Clara Anne will be a clear and bright picture of grace to a dark world. I’m thrilled to see how the Lord uses our little sunshine.

(Editor’s Note: I (Josh) was not very fond of the name Clara in the beginning. Merribrooke was convinced that the Lord had impressed upon her that Clara would be her name. I prayed that the Lord would show me the same thing and He simply gave me a peace. Now, in hindsight, our sweet daughter truly exemplifies her name. It was all our Lord and the glory for it is all His.)