How to Find Rest by Elisabeth Elliot.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Elisabeth Elliot is a spiritual hero of mine as well as our oldest daughter’s namesake. I love learning from this incredible woman who models self-sacrificial abandon to the will of God.

I was scrolling through some of her messages and this title stood out to me, “How to Find Rest”. This is a busy season for us. It’s a joy-filled season as we cherish our time in the States, but it’s also a busy and often uncertain time. Preparing to move to a third world country on the other side of the globe, fundraising enough support to live on for two years, having a husband who works well above full-time, and taking care of two young girls doesn’t exactly leave much room for rest. At least that was my mindset prior to listening to Elisabeth’s wisdom on the subject.

True rest isn’t found in the absence of tasks. It is found in the presence of Christ. Not even a stress-free week at the beach can leave you rested like an hour in the presence of Christ.

Elisabeth lays out the three conditions God gives us for rest based off Matthew 11:28-30.

1. Come

Elisabeth reminds her listeners to carry EVERYTHING to God in prayer. The little things and the big things remind us of our dependence on God. If we do not come, we are missing out on the privilege of letting God take our burdens.

2. Bend Your Neck

Bending our neck means sharing the yoke of Christ. In other words we follow Jesus’ example by living in company with the Father and doing exactly what He says. It is always possible to do the will of God. No matter how much is on our plates, God will always give us the strength to do the task He has set before us. He will lead us as we prioritize our schedule and will bless us with the strength to accomplish His priorities for us.

3. Learn

As we come to Christ and bend our neck to do His will, we must also learn gentleness and humility. Elisabeth mentions that when we set aside ourselves and serve others, everything else falls in to place. I know the Father designed it that way. When we take our focus off of us and on to others, God blesses us with the rest.

I encourage you to listen to Elisabeth Elliot’s message as this is only an extremely brief overview. I know you will be blessed by her words. No matter what tasks are on your plate or what burdens you are carrying, God is here to give you rest. His rest is so much greater than the temporary “rest” the world has to offer. To receive it we must only come, bend and learn.