Anticipating BIG Things.

Two days until take off. WOW! I can hardly believe it’s already here. During all the emotion and bittersweet feelings of the last several weeks, we have been anxiously anticipating September 12th. At four o’clock that morning we will be leaving Josh’s parent’s house with ten suitcases, three carry-ons, three backpacks, one diaper bag and two babies. With all that in tow, we will hit the airport and say goodbye to our family. Just a couple hours later we will board our first leg of our move to Malawi and arrive in Blantyre around twenty-five hours later.
As we look forward to that day we are anticipating big things of the Lord. Here are several of the things we expect to see God do over the next several weeks. We ask you to join us in praying these things with us.
He will smooth the path of our transition.
While we don’t expect adjusting to a seven hour time difference, learning a new language, picking up a new culture, making new friends, and finding and settling into a new home to be easy, we are expecting the Lord to go before us. Isaiah 45:2 says, “I will go before you and will level the mountains ; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” We expect God to level the mountains of cultural barriers. We expect Him to break down the gates of finding the right car and home for our family. We are truly excited to see how the Lord will smooth our path.
He will strengthen us. 
The exhaustion we will experience is inevitable. Twenty-one hours in the air plus the jet-lag of a seven hour time difference combined with the weeks of non-stop prep we’ve been walking through is a recipe for physical exhaustion. Emotional exhaustion is also inevitable as we will be walking through a difficult transition of leaving our families and helping our girls understand what is going on. I’m so thankful that in the midst of it all we can count on the Lord who is our strength. While it is one of those commonly heard scriptures we can tend to brush past, I cherish the promise of Isaiah 41:10. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
He will establish the work of our hands. 
Psalm 90:17 is a verse I’ve prayed for Josh for several years. Its message rings more true now than ever. It says, “May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.” As we slowly begin dipping our toes in our work at Malawi Children’s Mission, I’m praying that God will give us the know-how and gifting to plug into the work of MCM so that we can be used to help meet the spiritual, educational, and physical needs of the students.
He will advance His Gospel among the nations.
We are praying for God to do BIG things in Malawi as people hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We expect God to place specific people in our path who need to hear the Good News. We expect Him to do the watering after we do the planting. We expect to see whole families transformed as God releases them from their bondage setting them free to live an abundant life in Christ. We expect to see disciples made as they learn to pray, read the Word, and experience an intimate relationship with Christ. We take great joy in knowing that through it all He will be exalted. Psalm 46;10 says, “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.””
These are just a few of the big things we are anticipating God will do during our time in Malawi. We know we serve a big God who answers big prayers. The last thing I want to do is try to shove God in a small box of my own making. I’m praying He will continue to open my eyes to how big He truly is as I watch Him work. We are thrilled to be tools in His all-powerful hands.


  1. Linda Crouch September 10, 2018 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    Pop and Meme will be praying hard as you travel and as you begin the ministry God has called you to do. We know great things are going to happen at MCM. Love all of you bunches.

  2. Victory Neal September 10, 2018 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    We will be praying for you!

  3. Rayma reese September 10, 2018 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    We pray all goes as you have planned. God be with you. Aunt Rayma

  4. Melody White September 10, 2018 at 8:16 pm - Reply

    God bless you and Josh and your sweet little girls! There is nothing too big for our God! Praying boldly and believing along with you! Praising Him already for what He will do in and through you!
    Love in Christ!
    Melody White

  5. Ginger Parks September 12, 2018 at 4:54 am - Reply

    May our BIG, AWSOME God grant you His divine wisdom, comfort, encouragement, guidance, and peace on your journeys. He is with you and for you always. Keep your eyes on Jesus and look upward and move onward. In His love, and by His grace, Ginger
    Numbers 6:24-26 ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  6. Sara Jerkins September 12, 2018 at 11:02 am - Reply

    Praying, especially now as you are seated on your plane awaiting take-off, for the emotional tears of separation from your earthly families to be replaced with unspeakable JOY and PEACE! Asking our Heavenly Father to surround you with a hedge of protection for safety, good health, timely connections, deep sleep when possible and all your physical needs in travel. I can’t wait to hear how the Lord has gone before you to meet every need you have as you are now moving through your transition! “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His countenance shine upon you and give you peace.” A host of prayer warriors are lifting you up fervently during these first two days of your journey!

  7. Kay Horton September 12, 2018 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Will continue to pray for you all & the family you are leaving behind.

  8. Virginia & Don Robinson September 22, 2018 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    May the God of all grace & mercy guide your every step as you launch out into a new environment, among people that are new, & a different culture. May He protect & lead you as you serve Him in this amazing country. May His message reach many as you communicate the Gospel to those in your path. May every need you require be met both physically, emotionally & spiritually. And on a personal note, Merribrooke & Josh, May your service there, & friendship with our precious granddaughter, & her amazing husband & family be an awesome blessing to all of them, as well as to all of you! God bless you all. We will be praying !!

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