A Servant To Malawi.

In last week’s journal entry I discussed how God is teaching me to fill my role as a servant. If I want to thrive in all of my God-given roles, I must first submit myself to my Master wholeheartedly, lay down my selfish desires, and look past myself to see the needs of others. That’s why laying the foundation of servanthood is vital.

Last week I talked generally about the call to servanthood that God gives all believers. This week I want to put a more personal spin on it by discussing some of the ways I see God asking me to serve the people of Malawi. Depending on where God places us and who He surrounds us with, our roles as servants will look drastically different from believer to believer.

Let me preface this journal entry by stating that I’m honestly still seeking the Lord’s guidance as to what my role as a servant to Malawi involves. I pray daily, and ask you to join me, that God will give me His vision. I could write an entire entry about how I struggle to let God “dream for me.” I’m daily asking him to change me and make me a surrendered servant that grabs hold of His vision for my life. That being said, today’s post is simply the general ways I feel like the Lord is asking me to serve the people of Malawi.

Malawi Children’s Mission Partner

Malawi Children’s Mission (MCM) is the ministry that God laid on our hearts six and a half years ago and the reason we (the Croom Family) are here in Malawi. We love this ministry, the people who lead it, and the children it serves. We are so excited to partner with them in helping their ministry expand and reach more hurting lives with hope, both spiritual and physical.

Our primary focus with MCM is the spiritual development of the children. While MCM has an established weekly chapel, they are looking to develop spiritual growth programs beyond chapel. The Young Women’s Initiative is a program for teen girls where they learn life skills, make soap that can be sold, and study the Word of God. It is a growing program and the Lord is blessing it.

As I personally look at how I can serve MCM, I see several potential avenues. First, I want to be a guide and support to the young lady who faithfully leads the Young Women’s Initiative. She loves the Lord and has a heart for the girls she serves. Due to her leadership, the program is growing. I see myself aiding her in planning and developing discipleship material for the Young Women’s Initiative. I see myself being a spiritual encourager to her as she pours so much into these girls. I will be serving these girls along side her as we work towards the common goal of bringing these girls to Jesus. Second, I would love to coordinate a bible club for the younger children of MCM. This task is difficult as the younger children are still learning English and I’m still learning Chichewa, but I’d love to coordinate a regularly scheduled Bible Fun Day for the children filled with games and activities that focus on the life changing truth of scripture. Third, I’d love to coordinate family outreach days. Reaching out to the community is essential to MCM’s success. It would be so wonderful to plan days where we can meet a practical need of these families, while also presenting them with the answer to their greatest need.

Most of my service to MCM will be done from home, so that I can focus on serving our growing family. However, that certainly doesn’t mean I will not be involved with MCM. I am excited to see how God uses me to support MCM as I work both on site and from home.

Hospitality Coordinator

Hospitality Coordinator is my Fancy Nancy way (can you tell I have little girls?) of saying that I want the doors of our home to be constantly open. We are hosting families for supper once a week, and play-dates with other young moms regularly. As time goes on, we will host bible studies, prayer nights, and family fun movie and game nights.

The vision God has given me as “hospitality coordinator” is that our home is a refuge, not simply for our family, but for anyone who needs the love of Christ. The hurting and broken are welcome. Those who are thriving in Christ are welcome. I pray that everyone who steps through our door feels the presence of God, experiences the power of God, and receives the love of God.

Knowing that Josh and I wanted to establish hospitality in our home, I began reading The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield. I have been inspired by Rosaria’s “radically ordinary hospitality.” Hospitality isn’t showing off with a perfect house and four course meal. In fact, keeping things simple allows the Gospel to shine brighter. Rosaria is a homeschooling mom and pastor’s wife who hosts people in her home every single day. She is allowing the Lord to use her home as her base of ministry and is seeing lives changed as she pairs the meals with bible reading and prayer, regardless of the background of those she is hosting. She has a unique gift for service and seeing the needs of those around her. She gives this explanation of what Christian hospitality is. This is what I want others to experience when they enter the Croom home.

“Christian hospitality cares for the things that our neighbors care about. Esteeming others more highly than ourselves means noting less. It means starting where you are and looking around for who needs you. It means communicating Christian love in word and deed. It means making yourself trustworthy enough to bear burdens of real life and real problems.”

The Gospel Comes With A House Key
Rosaria Butterfield

Preschool Bible Club Leader

Yes, I said I would never teach preschool again. Yes, I feel like God has given me a vision for using our home to host a preschool bible club. Funny how God works, isn’t it? I would love to host a weekly or bi-weekly preschool bible club on a weekday morning. I envision this being a time where women of all nationalities bring their children to our home to hear the Word of God. I want to meet the needs of these ladies by providing a safe environment where play and learning are encouraged, scripture is taught and Mom’s can relax. I pray that once this is running it will draw unbelieving moms who just want a place where they know their kids will be loved on. I don’t yet know the details of how this will work or when it will start, but I’m excited to follow the Lord’s direction.

These are the three general roles I feel like the Lord has asked to fill during this season as a servant to Malawi. Malawi Children’s Mission Partner, Hospitality Coordinator, and Preschool Bible Club Leader are becoming a part of my “job description” during our time here. Though I know few details of what this “job” will bring, I am so excited to watch the Lord work. I know His dreams are so much bigger than mine. I’m asking you to pray for me as I ask God to grant me a vision and a plan as I submit myself to Him as a humble servant.