Daring To Dream.

Feeling especially uninspired, I sat down to the computer today having no idea what I was going to write about. Due to that today’s post has no outlines, no alliterated points, and no pretty bow of a conclusion. Today’s post is simply jumbled thoughts from my heart regarding what the Lord has been trying to teach me for quite some time.

To give you a bit of insight into me, I abhor change. Everything in me screams against change. I like my life routine, predictable, and comfortable. Consequently, I am not a visionary. I rarely, if ever, dream about what God could do because I’m too busy wishing He wouldn’t bring anything new my way. Moving to Africa was something God undeniably told me was a part of his plan for me, yet I still ran hard the opposite direction. On the other hand, my husband is a dreamer. His view of God is so big that he is excited to take on anything the Lord asks of him. He dreams up huge plans to match his huge view of God and pushes me to get excited about what God can do.

For many years now, but especially since our move to Malawi, God has been using my husband to lovingly convict me of my refusal to let God dream for me. I’m finally beginning to see the potential damage my behavior can do to my relationship with God and with my family. Finally, I’m beginning to ask God to teach me to dream God-sized dreams.

I’m currently reading Mark Batterson’s book titled Whisper. Speaking of books, an amazing one on tackling the big dreams God brings to you is In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson. I should probably reread that one. Anyways, in Whisper Batterson says this.

“If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to know when you get it? Maybe it’s time to take inventory. What do you want God to do for you? You owe it to Him to answer that question.”

Whisper, Mark Batterson

So I’m asking myself, “what do I want?” For some reason such a simple question is extremely difficult for me to answer. However, I do know what I want big picture. Big picture my greatest desire is this…I want my family to be used mightily by our big God for the advancement of His eternal kingdom. With that big picture dream in mind, I’m asking God to dream for me.

What does my big dream look like step by step? What smaller (yet still monumental) dreams do I want to see God accomplish? I’m beginning to see the importance of dreaming big dreams with faith that God will fulfill those dreams. As Batterson reminded me, how will I know when I get what I want if I don’t know what I want? Seeing God answer prayers and fulfill dreams in one of the primary ways God grows our faith. I want to see Him for the BIG dream fulfilling God He truly is.

God, give me eyes to see and faith to dream.