Run To Jesus.

I love watching God answer my prayers for my children. One of the hardest things about leaving Memphis was leaving Bellevue. We have an incredible Memphis church family who have loved us in the good times and hard times. Plus, it was such a joy knowing that our children were in kind, loving hands that taught them the Gospel in creative and engaging ways. When we moved to Malawi, we began praying that our Malawian church home would be a place that our girls were excited to attend. As a mom, one of my greatest desires is that God would instill in my children a love for meeting together with His people.

We went through a season where it seemed like God wasn’t answering our prayer. At the first church we attended, my typically ultra-independent eldest screamed hysterically when we attempted to drop her off and Clara did not have a class to attend. However, the Lord is good and led us to our Malawian church home. The longer we attend the more excited our girls get about worshiping Jesus. Each Sunday, after praise and worship, the children are invited to the front of church to sing a children’s song. After children’s worship, the kids are dismissed to their classes. Well, this Sunday brought me to tears. I watched my girls go up to the front and “sing” a worship song. Before the last note was sung, Clara bolted down the aisle running past all the big kids in excitement to get to her class. You could hear giggles from the congregation as we all watched the anticipation of my twenty-one month old eager to learn about the Savior. The giggles might also be related to the fact that her run is more of an excited waddle…I tried to get a video and I’ll post it to our Intentional Gospel Facebook page.

As I watched God answer my prayer on Sunday, tears filled my eyes as I was reminded of His goodness to our family. Yes, life here can be hard and we long to be close to our family again. However, God is always good. He has done above and beyond all we can ask or imagine as He has established our home here. We have a safe and inviting home that we can open up to our friends, church family and community. We are seeing the fruits of God’s ministry at MCM as the Young Men’s Initiative that Josh is pioneering is taking off. We have a church that esteems God’s Word as infallible and preaches the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ. He hears my requests, even the ones I don’t think to pray, and He answers. How can I begin to thank Him? I can follow my daughter’s example and run to Him.

So often my children teach me lessons, as I try and teach them. I’m thankful that Clara reminded me to run with abandon to my heavenly Father. Just as my girls run into their daddy’s arms, God is waiting for me with open arms. Am I going to set aside time to make running to God a priority or am I going to set aside just enough time to check Him off my to-do list? The rewards can’t be measured. In God’s presence is “fullness of joy.” Run. Run and enjoy Him and His presence today.