Small Dreams And A Big God.

I’m not a visionary. That is my amazing husband’s gift. However, I’m learning that having big dreams and asking God to do something even bigger is an act of worship. It requires a submitted heart that desires to give all glory to God, trusting Him no matter the outcome. Often times when God is trying to do something miraculous with my dreams, I cling tightly to them refusing to let them grow. Big dreams are scary because they require trust, necessitate change, and might end in failure. Big dreams bring big growth as we learn to trust, adapt to change, and accept failure. Here are some thoughts I’m processing about giving God my dreams and desires.

God Uses Obedient Dreamers

The first person that comes to mind when I think of a dreamer who was humbly submitted to God and willing to act in obedience, no matter the circumstance, is Joseph. When Joseph first had his dream that all his brothers would bow to him, I highly doubt he knew the tumultuous road his life would take. Being sold as a slave and thrown into prison would have been more of a nightmare than a dream. Yet Joseph remained submitted to God, clung to his integrity, and trusted that God’s plan was better than his plan. When his dream was finally fulfilled he hugged his brothers with forgiveness, and assured them that God’s good plan prevailed. Genesis 50:20 says, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Mary was obedient. She was faithful in the little things. She stood out among all other women as a righteous woman who loved God. Though I’m quite certain the angel who visited her completely busted all the plans she had had for her life. She had to choose right then and there whether or not she was going to submit and give her dreams to God. Luke 1:38 tells us she chose obedience. ‘“I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled.”’ When she chose obedience she had to forsake the dream of a quiet life of normalcy. When she gave that dream to God, He gave her a dream far bigger. She got to raise The King!

God Asks Us to Have Faith

Time and time again in the Gospels we see Jesus connecting the subject’s faith to the miracle He did on their behalf. When only one of the ten lepers who Jesus healed came back to thank Him, Jesus told the man, “your faith has made you well” (Luke 17:19 NASB). When the bleeding woman poured every last bit of strength she could muster into simply touching the hem of Jesus’ cloak while praying for a miracle, Jesus told her, “Daughter, take courage. Your faith has made you well” (Matthew (9:22 NASB). Just six verses further in Matthew 9, two blind men follow Jesus begging for a miracle. The first recorded thing Jesus said to these men was, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”(Matthew 9:28 NASB). They replied, “Yes, Lord.” Jesus then touched their eyes and said, “It shall be done to you according to your faith.” These are only some of the examples in scripture. In contrast, Jesus left his hometown of Nazareth without performing any miracles because of their lack of faith (Matthew 13:58).

Bottom line: If we want God to do a miracle, we have to have faith that He can. God will not bless our lack of faith. When we give Him our dreams and ask in faith, He wants to turn those dreams into something bigger than we ever imagined.

God Turns Our Small Dreams Into Big Realities

So let me be honest and tell you what knocked the first domino causing me to think about what God can do with my dreams, confess my sin of not trusting God with my dreams, and move forward in prayer by releasing my dreams into His hands. I wish I could impress you with my spirituality and tell you it was some deep theology that knocked that domino over. Nope. It was my pleasure read written by one of the coolest ladies ever…Joana Gaines. As I was reading The Magnolia Story, I was struck again and again by how “Jojo” continually and humbly attributed each new success, big or small, to the Lord. She mentioned at least two times where she specifically felt the prompting of the Lord and followed through in obedience, even when it meant “giving up” what she thought was her dream. As many of you know, the Lord did and is doing more than she could have “asked or imagined” with her dreams. After giving account of all the Lord has done on her behalf, she said, ““If I ever needed proof that I should trust God with my dreams, this was certainly it. He turned my little dream, my mustard seed of faith, into all this.”

So I’m giving him my mustard seed of faith and, like the boy with five loaves and two fish, asking Him to multiply. I pray you will do the same. Let’s be obedient dreamers who have faith in the only one capable of turning our small dreams into big realities.