Why us? Why do we need to go?

What we bring to the mission field is a distinct calling from the Lord who we love and serve, and a passion to help children realize their potential. Additionally, God has blessed us at an early age with a faith that is biblically sound and foundationally solid. We also have education, work experience, and natural talents that will help us develop the community and truly love and help the MCM children.

The outlines below encompass the God-given desires of our hearts. We pray this gives insight into how the Lord has prepared us to uniquely minister in Malawi and how He is continuing to prepare us, even now. This outline is not exhaustive, but includes the areas we believe the Lord has given us unique skills and gifts and how those traits can be best utilized by MCM.

Demonstrating Humble Leadership.

We can accomplish this by:

-Being a constant, stable presence at the school.

-Understanding the children’s daily schedules through participating in them with the children on a steady basis.

-Being a regular presence in the surrounding villages to build relationships with the families and community.

-Orchestrating scheduled bible study and prayer times with the children.

-Being involved in the administrative, daily operation of the school through cooking, cleaning, organizing or other tasks that are needed.

-Aiding in organizing local community outreach to the school from Blantyre and surrounding areas.

-Staying actively involved in the professional development of the teachers and other school staff for their personal growth and advancing MCM.

Investing in the Educational Program.

We can accomplish this by:

-Every day use of English at the school with dedicated classroom time of teaching English as a Second Language.

-Reading Biblical and Secular literature on a steady schedule to encourage English through another avenue and to exhort creativity through culturally and spiritually relevant material.

-Studying the current curriculum and culture of education at the school to better aide in preparing and writing curriculum material for the future.

-Creating, sharing, and building arts and crafts with the children to further grow their mind and creativity.

-Living daily under the goal of this quote by Katie Davis, missionary in Uganda. “Obviously the key to eternal life for these children is Jesus, but the key to a better life here and now is education.”

Teaching the Technological World

We can accomplish this by:

-Holding specific classroom lessons on the technology we will have with us such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, and cameras.

-Allowing practical, hands-on experiences with these items through small group interaction.

-Seeking, organizing, and following through with a willing company that can donate various technological items to the center.

Engaging World Churches

We can accomplish this by:

-Intentionally utilizing current ministry resources to contact U.S. based churches to come and serve on a short-term basis.

-Intentionally utilizing various ministry organizations, U.S. or abroad, to solicit teams to come on a regular basis.

-Consistently using social media, websites, YouTube, blogs and other casting outlets to build awareness for MCM, its mission, and the Gospel.

Investing in Discipleship

We can accomplish this by:

-Structuring intentional, regular small group discipleship meetings with the older children.

-Structuring intentional, regular biblical skits and plays for the younger children.

-Holding community outreach events that invite the families and children to the center to share in prayer, the Bible, and the Gospel.

-Being intentional about each relationship with each child to the ends of specifically sharing the Gospel with them and showing them Biblical living through verbal word and practical works.